Thursday, December 22, 2005

So much about Moi?

Hey all

How are you?Good that we have interesting posts coming up here.there still remain two who have not said anything though.Thanks for the intro Sid...I guess I will have to confirm with Koyel how much I can say...coz she is bound to claw my eyes out of I say things I am not supposed to.But I sense that those are the things that people here want to hear.So what say all?Shall I go ahead and will you all swear to protect me if she starts hunting me down?

Shall say very little here and lets see what happens next.Cool it Koyel...just kidding.

Hmm...About myself...what shall I say?23 female living in bangalore.Studying to be a psychologist.Love to paint, read,write,make freinds,be with people as well as around them.Worked in a lot of different areas.Guess people who know me will be able to paint a better picture.

Dont have a lot of time will stop at this much.About your question Koyel...I sign my name at the end of every post coz I like to do it.Why let ppl find out who has posted?Why not tell em?And whats the difference between a letter and this?I am writing to you all arent I?


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