Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hi All!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys n gals........... I am sure all of u know who i am...... if u have not forgotten me ;)...... except Chhaya ofcourse..... Hi Chhaya, I am Vidya, one of the blog member ;), and a good friend to all here.... right ppl? Well, I have comepleted BCA with koyel, thats where i met her, and i did work with her in Accenture for 9 months.

Now I have also quit the job, with her. The best part of us is that, we joined that job on the same day n quit on the same day.... cannot happen with all.... cud call it co-incidence for strangers, but it was pre-planned. Ash dont worry, i am not wotking now, so no worries of CAB's, but anyways, thanks for the concern.

Hi Vicky, how are you, long time no see, and howz Pavan, its almost like he has vanished, not seen him from quite a long time too.... tell him a hi as well.

Hey Ash, hearty congrats for the medal..... u r right dear, its true that a movie b4 exam does help u do the paper better, just realised when i read urs, coz i was wondering if that was the reason i did my final yr well, not in all subjects but ya did get a good overall...... and i remember we all went to Harry Potter 3 just b4 our final exams ;)..........

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