Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy New Year!

Hey guys n gals....

This is wishing all of you a very Happy,Healthy and a Peaceful New Year ahead !!!
Me will be post again next year :-p


Wednesday, December 28, 2005



How are you all?All well?Nothin to report...jus thot I will keep some posts going.After so long I had a lazy day at home.Had ppl coming but they all cancelled.So I had a chance to get some work done.

Know what?I realised that I have been trying to get something done for the last one year...whoa...ONE YEAR..thats long.Lets hope I manage to get this thing done in the next three months.(in case u r wondering what it is...jus a top I am knitting)

IN another four days I start interning...a bit nervous and excited...lets see how it goes.
What news ppl?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday Season !!!!

To set things straight once and for all....
Sid who cares what your favourite color is ??????
Ash you can please yourself with any color you wish...But ever since the blog started each wrote in their own suddenly when I saw this I wondered for a moment when I wrote that post...Hence asked else wouldnt bother....Well on another note I would love if I had a side business...on any side;Left or Right;Urs or Mine;No issues...Right now no Business only.....What I wouldnt give for a side one atleast...Well jumping on coz any more on this topic would only dampen my holiday spirit(reminds me of my empty coffers u c....All want Money Money :-p)......Now that thats set straight lets move on.....

I just read a few blogs here n there at random;guys you wont believe what valuable junk we have all around us here....I like some....LOL

I wanted to share one of the articles I liked courtesy :-

Sunday night - I thought he was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a cafe to have some coffee. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment. He said it had nothing to do with me and not to worry. Conversation wasn't flowing so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk, he agreed but he kept quiet and absent.I asked him what was wrong - he said, "Nothing."I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset.Was it because i had gone shopping with my friends instead of being with him? On the way home I told him that I loved him, he simply smiled and kept driving.I can't explain his behavior; I just don't know why he didn't say, "I loveyou, too." When we got home I felt as if I had lost him, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. He just sat there and watched TV.; he seemed distant and absent.Finally I decided to go to bed. About 10 minutes later he came to bed.I decided that I could not take it anymore, so I decided to confront him with the situation but he had fallen asleep.I started crying and cried until I too fell asleep.I don't know what to do. I'm almost sure that his thoughts are with someone else.My life is a disaster.

Today India lost. DAMMIT


Happy Holidays People !!!!!!!!!

-Me (Thats Miss K for some and PC for u US {thats u Uncle Sid})

Monday, December 26, 2005

Ash that was a good one. ;)

BTW Guess my fav color

Yeah it Blue ...Dark Blue

Another short one

Hey all

Yes K....Blue was my observant...but we are allowed to experiment I assume...or have I committed an unpardonable sin?

New year resolutions huh?A waste of one actually keeps the resolutions that they make anyway right?Or are there people out there who actually do?Dont lie now!!!How many have you guys broken already?

K...guess milk wallah act has an e mail id...and it gets better....its the same as urs...well ok...not the same...very u have a side business by any chance?I was wondering where all that cash and milk sweets were coming from...


Read and Write Bloggers

Yes, We have indeed been having some long posts and I thank those writers immensely....coz thats the purpose of this blog....To talk(imply write) and to let others talk(imply read)........I hope these words are encouraging to those members who just want to let others talk(again implying read) so that we are graced with their talks(once again implying write)......

Answer to Ash's Q : Well I think that risk percentage of online frendships is like 50:50 as we only have the other person's word to take for....Apart from it; its like any other frenship as long as that person doesnt turn out to be this creepy psych or something like that......As far as this web thingy blowing up in our face...Hmmm may not happen for a while...but then excessive mis-usage of anything will blow up on the face of mankind.....Lastly a bit abt the security and privacy thingy.....Its in your hands what you want to secure and what not....Take this blog for example; One is only writing what one wants to write...So if one says one's privacy is being invaded that would only mean that one was stupid enough to put stuff(which one dint want others to see) for others to see.......Right? I hope that clears it up.......

Too sad that Sid couldnt get his milkman's email for us...Thats one post less for the blog....Sigh!
And Sid if you want to start charging for each post then U better start paying me rent for giving you space to write on the blog LOL !!!!!!

And Ash I dont remember anything like I was supposed to call you...If you want me to then just ask me to :-p

And Ash wasnt blue your colour....When did you shift to mine???

So people what are your New Year Resolutions???? C'mon you guys can be honest here and tell us what all resolutions you made up....We wont judge you....We intend to break them too....

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Well here is a short one

Well here is a short one. (And only I know how difficult it is for me to keep it short)

Koyel, answer to your question – 2nd option – Sorry no explanations

Well small explanation on Ash’s question. Is it safe to make friends online?

It is just as safe as making friends in real life. For someone whose life is an open book like me, I don’t worry too much about loss of privacy. And you are the one who decide how much and what you want to share online or otherwise.

How I knew you knew Marathi? Koyel gave me a clue that you may or may not know it so I thought lets find out straight from the horse’s mouth.

And dear if you are clairvoyant you should have no problem finding out when I am online (all day mostly). But a simpler way is to add my id in your messenger. I don’t hide when I am online unless I owe u money so u sud see me there. But Personally I prefer talking on the phone (with frens) to chatting.

I am gonna stop just as soon I clarify couple of things to K.

My milkman refused to share his problems & email id citing business reasons (Something about it being bad for business, people in Malleshwaram may not consider him if this blog succeeded or something)
Thanks for the book idea…infact soon I think I will start charging you people (Charity begins in the blog) for my posts ;)


You people Do TALK

Hey All

We have been having some long posts here lately havent we?
I shall keep this short.You can probably guess what the ans to ur q will be k.Everyone will choose the second option.

I shall start a topic here and see what u have to say...
Is it safe to make friends online?Will this web thing one day blow up in our faces?Have we said good bye to our privacy and security?


PS Thanks for the clarifications Siddharth Joshi and how did u kno I spoke Marathi?My surname perhaps?And how did I know u were on Hutch?I am clairvoyant.Sure we can chat up sometime.When r u usually online?

K...u were supposed to call me....remember?

Ponder Ponder....Whats the Matter?

Thank you Ash and Sid for your valuable inputs regarding the said topic...I caught a few points about the discussion topic somewhere along your posts.......Yes Sid, I completely agree with you that there are much more burning issues of discussion such as Renaming Bangalore,Pakistan tour of India,Your neighbourhood milkman not getting enuf milk from his cow etc....I just saved them for another day....Yes indeed these will be discussed....make sure you give me your neighbourhood milkman's email id so that I can ask him to post his views on his cow and milk problems the day that topic makes its way into this blog...Well thats for another day........

I also wholeheartedly agree that "The better topic of discussion is whether PC is more suitable to me than SS rather then this marriage/sharriage thing." Not to worry thats also for another day.....We might have to get on this topic sooner than later considering all the readers have quizzical expressions coz they know naught PC or SS first n foremost to wonder which wud suit me.

Now coming back to the current topic....I only chose this topic as an ice breaker...Its an age old cliche topic about which much has been said and done....So I was sure that many bloggers of this blog would feel like they too have something or the other to say about this topic....Needless to say,another meaning was assumed behind my motive(considering I had any) for choosing this topic....What could be the meaning assumed I dont want to kno....So Ash I am out with the reason.....I just expected loads of thoughts to pour in from all....Hence this topic.......... I thought Pavan would def have somethin to say about this topic...And so would Vidya....I guessed they may have strong opinions about this which could further the discussion....Well it dint exactly happen that way....Better Luck to us next time(Hopefully).......

Well I do agree with both Ash and Sid about their views on AM Vs LM........
"Its like asking one if suicide is better or murder"....Kidding! But yeah whichever of the two it is;Marriage needs to be worked on to make it work.....And it happens when its destined to happen and with whom its destined to happen with....I believe in the institution of marriage irrespective of AM or LM.....I believe marriages are made in heaven whether a good one or a bad one.....In AM you get to know your spouse with time...which is kinda exciting too....In LM you already know each other(which may not always hold true coz you never actually know someone completely till you've lived with them and maybe not even then)......I also recommend bloggers who love reading to try Shobha De's "Spouse".......Its whacky n its all bout Marriages! LOL Read it,its fun.

If you guys are wondering what the title of this post got anything to do with what I have written so far...Well wonder not...Its for what I am going to write now......
I have been pondering on something for quite a while now....
What does the term "friendship" mean to ya all??? And what is true friendship???
For me "friend" is not a term I coin loosely on people.....For me,its a special word with a special meaning.....Its special coz its the only relationship in life that I choose.....Rest all is already chosen for us by someone else.....So I blame myself only in a situation when friendship fails and not in the failure of any other relationship....Coz we failed in something that we ourselves chose...Thts like gotto hurt right???
Now there are two scenarios that I am writing below...Tell me which of the 2 do ya all think is true friendship??? And most importantly Why???

Case 1:A friend who likes you for what you are,whos there for you for richer or poorer,in sickness and health....Supports you in everything thing you do;be it good,bad or the ugly???? Like for instance stand by you when you commit a crime,maybe assist you too...go to jail with you too(doesnt have to be a crime...just picked a case)...Basically what I mean to say is stand by you in all case.......

Case 2:A friend who likes you for what you are,whos there for you for richer or poorer,in sickness and health...same things with a difference that he/she corrects you when you are wrong,tries to get you on a right track when you get off the track....Who scolds you and points out your mistakes etc

Which case is true??? When in both the cases the friend is there for you in all your highs and lows....What would you guys say to those who refuse to correct a friend or point of their mistakes coz they are afraid to lose their friendship??? Also does true friendship only come with righteousness.....????? Well pondering on this lines may take us to an altogether topic of whats right and whats wrong in life??? Which may lead us to test the authenticity of the statement :
"There is no right and no wrong...Only power and those too weak to seek it" which is a topic again for another day......I dint intend to write anything heavy or serious on the blog but I dont know why I wrote it....I guess I just wanted to share some of my doubts.....Life is a quandary....Just doing a bit of soul searching...You know everyone tries to figure out some of those quandaries that life puts us thru...Thts what makes us human.....

Hey Sid ever considered a career in writing??? If you do in future you can be sure that your books will have atleast one buyer :ME
You've got style dude (And by that I meant your writing style)

Finding Oasis in the desert

Namaskara Sirs (and a namaskar mandli to those who know marathi)

i so am thrilled to find someone who can speak/understand marathi here in habba bengalaroo, it feels like ...(see the topic). Yessire it finally payback time for PC (New acronym for Koyel) and vidya. BTW PC wouldn't it be a better topic of discussion that is PC more suitable to u then SS rather then this marriage/sharriage thing.

Anyway got a reply to my post and none what so ever to my emailid/yahoo chat id. So there PC what do u say to that...u were wrong again. Tch Tch.

I am also curious to know why PC chose this topic over other burning issues infront of our great Nation like Renaming Bangalore,Potholes in City roads, Pakistan tour of India, Cow not giving enuf milk for my neighor hood milkman.

But then again she is the OWNER/Malik/Mai Baap/Raaj Mata of this Blog ours not to question why; ours just to obey and die/fry.

I apologise to my readonly participant frenz in this blog for putting them thru more misery with one more post here.

So before i rebuke PCs topic anymore, i want to return Ash's favor by dedicating a paragraph to her (One good turn deserves another and so on and so forth)

Well firstly about copying ur spelling mistakes

  • Congratulations on having a very keen observation (Again almost as keen as mine)
  • I have worked as a programmer so i am used to copy-paste of source code and hence ur spelling mistakes also ended up in my post he he he

Secondly on my marital status, well both of us i.e your truly and PC(Koyel) are correct technically. Let me explain. I am married,31 years actually (not 24 as the earlier post joke) but currently i am a bachel0r coz last few days my wife is in Mumbai (My native location) with my 5months and 12 days old son Mandar. So for the short term investor i am Single and from a long term investor i am very much married. Hope this clarifies. Aata paristhithi spasth jhali aasel :)

Now for the rest of the questions.

Where do you work?Accenture?

As of now i am Technical Consultant, Presales with Symantec Corporation which acquired Veritas Software for whom i was working after leaving Accenture (Bangalore & Boston,USA) which i had joined from StorageTek,Singapore. Other Companies i have graced with my presence and guidance include Mastek, Zensar Technologies (In Pune, UK, USA) and ICICI Infotech and Century Rayon. So i have had my ass whipped in lot of places and given it back also in all of those place ;)

What do you do?

As of now i am Technical Consultant, Presales . But i dont really do much. Just fly to near by cities/countries on training and make endless presentations to customers/clients/thier customers/partners/cab drivers/airport security and generally anyone i can get a hold of.

What are all those diferent jobs that you have done?

  • Software Developer (Jr./Sr./Only)
  • Unix System Administrator (Again Jr./Sr./Only)
  • IT Systems Auditor
  • Systems Integration Projects
  • EDP Officer
  • All these besides my current role.

All fancy terms but finally translate to SSDD and more SSDD.

For the list of where i did all this refer to answer of Question No. 1 in rest of questions section.

You should have hobbies other than girls right? What are they?Ever tried your hand at painting?

Yeah, Cricket, Hockey, Reading, Chatting and i finding myself blogging also. But honestly the ROI is far lower in all the other hobbies than girls. heh heh

Oh just so u know ROI == Return on Investment.

I shall not stop here....As i also have to post my views on the Mandatory topic asked by Miss K herself (Thats u PC)

My Views:Copyright Ashwini Baitmangalkar, Bangalore, India.( Well i am leaving the Copyright with Ash coz that way someone responsible can manage all the paperwork na. heh heeh hee) Marriage by itself is such a Pain (oops) sorry such an institution that either way you have to make it work no matter whether it arranged or love. The only difference is that in Arranged marriage you can always have tha satisfaction of blaming someone else (Your parents largely) for the goofup which you cant do in a love marriage (in fact in love marriages ppl will end up telling u " i hate to tell this to u but i had told u so". Personal opinion...Arranged...gets your stress level down a great deal...everyone happy...where is there no risk anyway? And also you have someone else to blame forever.

Yeah i am on Hutch...right? But how did u guess. And the question well if u r on Hutch also ....have u heard the song "U & I this beautiful world, Green grass, blue skies, Bannerghatta road potholes...."

So long for now adiossssssssss

Friday, December 23, 2005

Ho...Mala Marathi Kalte


I found someone else who speaks marathi...I so badly wanted to speak...but no one among my friends seems to know...(Yes Koyel,I know that Teju does but how often do we speak?)Atha ami dogi marathi made boluya and he sagle zanila kai pan mahith nahi honar.(Hahaha I like this)

But Sid...please be warned that my marathi is still a little it will take me time to adjust.

So how are the others doing.Now Koyel...dont you feel like clawing my eyes out yet?Dont worry...that day s not too far yet.

I will start another topic of conversation...because k is very stuck on marriage...I wonder why?So what do you guys think?Why is Koyel this curious about there something we dont know Koyel?Out with it dear...

And how come vicky an chhaya are still silent?Who is chhaya?Do you know marathi by any chance?Why doesnt this thing have emocons...?Does anyone know?

I have to dedicate one entire paragraph to Sid...who has managed to copy my exact words...down to my spelling mistakes (freinds).Hmm...I didnt know we shared so many similarities...but one clarification please...are you or are you not married?K says u r and u say u r single.Whats the deal?Ne all the other similarities...must say we seem to share many...Lets see what else comes that we both speak marathi...some questions for you now...
Where do you work?Accenture?
What do you do?
What are all those diferent jobs that you have done?
You should have hobbies other than girls right?What are they?
Ever tried your hand at painting?

I shall stop here....I think this much for one post is enough.Hye K...what happened to shubha?I expected her to be here as well.invite her na?What have the rest of you been up to?

OK...K...I will carry forward your topic of discussion...only because I want to bring home the point that there is more behind your so called "Innocent" topic of discussion.

My Views:Copyright Ashwini Baitmangalkar, Bangalore, India.
It depends on you and you alone.If you find someone yourself and are sensible enough on how you go about it...why not.On the other hand...its easy to get misled,misinterpreted,have HUGE expectations,get confused,fall in love with falling in love, etc.In the first place I dont think there is anything called "Falling in Love" therefore...this is an area that is more of a minefield than any other in the history of mankind.Another thing is that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.None of the ppl have learnt to understand the other species.Thus a minefield...

Personal opinion...Arranged...gets your stress level down a great deal...everyone happy...where is there no risk anyway?

Have I sounded too much like a psychologist?Comes with the territory...cant help.But I am sure that there will def be many views that will come in and I will be called upon to defend some things I have said for sure.

And Sid,whats behind the Airtel Hutch question?I think you are on Hutch...right?


Thursday, December 22, 2005

More clarifications on the clarifications ...

Bhai log Namaste (And there are no sisters here, Also the way i am posting i wudn't want them also here heh heh)

This is my humble request to not get fooled by the previous devious post by Coil (oops... KOYEL Deviji)

While on the surface it appears that she is letting us do all we want but have u guys seen the rider "as long as its within the deceny level " and who decides this level ...who else Raj Mata herself. he he he

So now anything I say will be indecent while all else will be okay am sure.

Now to the next thing. 0123456789 all my no.s like cell,land,house number,address,fax,email are a combination of these no.s even my bank accounts.
i promise u that no other no.s are being used.

But my email id is and i hope some of u will add me in their chat lives....priority will be given to the fairer sex....(so start using the Fair & Handsome boys and girls...
... why boys coz they sud be handsome....and why girls.. coz they say it has a stronger peptide or something so u can become more fairer faster then Fair & Lovely)

It may sound a bit cliche but Ash i see a whole lot of similiarities among our natures. For e.g

U - Studying to be a psychologist.
I - Trying to understand female psychology

U-Love to paint, read,write,make freinds,be with people as well as around them.
I - Love to be painted, read(Humor) , make (girl) frenz, be with people (Read Girls) as well as be surrounded by them.

U - Worked in a lot of different areas.
I - Worked in a lot of different countries/companies/roles/salaries.

U - Guess people who know me will be able to paint a better picture.
I - Well my painting is not that good but i would luv to try painting u ;)

If can just tell me who is the service provider for u Hutch or Airtel.... we may one more similiarity. (There is some thing more to this line but thats for another post)

Oops Just now after typing so much my laptop just froze for 7-8 mins ....
so that it for now.

Sid (Sidharth Joshi)

P.S Ash by any chance tula marathi kal te kay ?

Clarifications against all Ramifications

Well firstly I want to dish out a few clarifications....

Ash you can post however you want..Sign your name at the top,side,bottom wherever...I just suggested you dint to save you the trouble of writing and ourselves the trouble of reading(Kidding)...But since you enjoy it No qualms there gurlyy.....

And I wont be clawing out anyone's eyes....Gosh,you guys painted me out as a villian....Feel free to write anything as long as its within the deceny level maintained in this blog...... :-p
Plus I never thought that Ash could say anything on the blog that would make me want to claw her eyes...LOLz.....But since she(Ash) herself has mentioned that she doesnt want to say anything that would make me claw her eyes out;I wondered: " Have you changed that much Ash since I last noticed??????"

Sid,Go ahead put your number in the blog if you want to...I am not stopping anybody from now on....Go on ya all...Put your cell,land,house number,address,fax,email anything you please.....

Pavan,Welcome buddy....WE have been missing you out here....Even we dint know how this blog thingy works...To be a tad bit honest we still dont...We are all just writing what we want to share with each other...You just go ahead and do the same......

I just spoke to Vicky now...And he is surprised to hear that Pavan has been posting already...That made him determined to post some himself...Which is a good development......

Guys I wanna ask you people your opinions on
Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage......
Its the age old cliche topic............Thought we could begin with this...........Any takers??????? LOL

Hey Pavan

Hey Pavan,

You did the right thing.Just post longer next time and you will figure out how this blog thing works.

Oh...and Sid, lots of people call me I am used to it.Go right ahead...I dont mind.


Hi Iam Pavan


Iam Pavan

ps : I dunno how does this website / blog works

So much about Moi?

Hey all

How are you?Good that we have interesting posts coming up here.there still remain two who have not said anything though.Thanks for the intro Sid...I guess I will have to confirm with Koyel how much I can say...coz she is bound to claw my eyes out of I say things I am not supposed to.But I sense that those are the things that people here want to hear.So what say all?Shall I go ahead and will you all swear to protect me if she starts hunting me down?

Shall say very little here and lets see what happens next.Cool it Koyel...just kidding.

Hmm...About myself...what shall I say?23 female living in bangalore.Studying to be a psychologist.Love to paint, read,write,make freinds,be with people as well as around them.Worked in a lot of different areas.Guess people who know me will be able to paint a better picture.

Dont have a lot of time will stop at this much.About your question Koyel...I sign my name at the end of every post coz I like to do it.Why let ppl find out who has posted?Why not tell em?And whats the difference between a letter and this?I am writing to you all arent I?


Hi All!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys n gals........... I am sure all of u know who i am...... if u have not forgotten me ;)...... except Chhaya ofcourse..... Hi Chhaya, I am Vidya, one of the blog member ;), and a good friend to all here.... right ppl? Well, I have comepleted BCA with koyel, thats where i met her, and i did work with her in Accenture for 9 months.

Now I have also quit the job, with her. The best part of us is that, we joined that job on the same day n quit on the same day.... cannot happen with all.... cud call it co-incidence for strangers, but it was pre-planned. Ash dont worry, i am not wotking now, so no worries of CAB's, but anyways, thanks for the concern.

Hi Vicky, how are you, long time no see, and howz Pavan, its almost like he has vanished, not seen him from quite a long time too.... tell him a hi as well.

Hey Ash, hearty congrats for the medal..... u r right dear, its true that a movie b4 exam does help u do the paper better, just realised when i read urs, coz i was wondering if that was the reason i did my final yr well, not in all subjects but ya did get a good overall...... and i remember we all went to Harry Potter 3 just b4 our final exams ;)..........

Uncle Sid

Yes indeed the Lord Almighty has answered our prayers....The blog was no laugh with us all writing serious stuff like exam results and medals n all.....But the recent post was "outright" hilarious....Thanks Sid.....Welcome back after quite some time....Hope work went fine in Mumbai....Must have come back successful else I am sure you wouldnt have been in the frame of mind to give us all such a humourous post...I hope your wife and son are doing good back in mumbai...Must have been hard for you to leave them and come back to an empty house here in Bangalore.....But we co-bloggers are always there to talk to you for always like all those hours of chatting and yapping (from your office/from the car on your way to Airport/home/client meet)......

First and foremost my apologies Sidji for my "
outright" ATROCIOUS reply to the question
"Who is Sid"?
So my re-phrased Answer :- Ashwini, Sid was an ex-colleague of mine from Accenture.But thats not all. He is an extremely witty and humourous fellow who in the throes of over-excitement tends to get delusional too as proved by his quotes ( Perfection Personified and Tom crusie/Brad Pitt Lookalike ) in his post below........I agree that my previous answer would have been too old-fashioned for Sid.....So I hope you are only too happy with my "re-phrased" answer Sid....

So Ash (clever gal) you must have now deduced that all the over Xtraa excitement was caused due to your "hey Sid, introduce yourself.I dont even know you" statement...LOLz Well atleast you got all those special hellos.....As far as the public demand goes Yup I asked Sid to give an intro of himself so that those bloggers who do not know him can get to know him...Now with this bit of help from me I am sure that all bloggers on this blog know Sid very well.....

Ash now its your turn...Please give a self-introduction (I am sincerely hoping that you atleast wont need any help from me for that..LOL)

And chhaya and vikram...Guys please do the same...Give an intro about yourselves.......Dont be silent readers......That is if ya all are reading this at all......

Hey vidya,maybe you should do the same....See Ash dint know that you quit your job.....So be a sport and write a bit bout yourself from the past(for those who have no clue who you are)to the current(for those who know you but dont know what you are upto at the moment)

I hope you will all cheer for Sid and keep pestering him to write more and showcase his writing talents on this blog....I for now declare him an asset to this blog.....

Again Welcome Back Sid! It was getting too quiet out here....Spice it up a bit :-p

Look whos back...Finally

Hi Coil,Vid, Chayya,Vicky...Ram, Shyam and Hari (That's Bangalored Tom, Dick and Harry for the uninitiated)

And a special Hello to Ashwini make it a Very Special Hello ...better still make it an Xtraa Special Hello to Ash

Finally after a long wait Lord almighty has answered your prayers ...and on huge public demand (mainly from Coil herself, ummm okkkkk ONLY from COIL) Guess who's back. Well actually u dont have to guess coz my name was already there on the Blog page.

So yeah Its Perfection Personifed himself.

And in the general tradition of the blog so far i will not bore u with my personal happenings like came to Bangalore by 9W477 from Mumbai last nite and it was delayed 20 mins. Got upgraded to Business class from cattle class (Economy) luckily. Had to slog my ass till 1:30 am to finish pending work and then remembered that had forgot my sleep in Mumbai so wide awake at 1:33 am thought what else LETS BLOG.

Anyway I had to set a few things straight with Coil and Ashwini

Coil.... Can you please re answer this ? Who is Sid ?

A: Ex-colleague from Accenture. HOW ATROCIOUS !!!

After all those hours of chatting and yapping (from my office/from the car on my way to Airport/home/client meet) ex-colleague.....what crap. Pls re-answer ASAP

And Dear Ash(wini),

I know u like being called Ash, Just FYI. I am M/24/Single from Mumbai now in Bangalore. I look like Tom Cruise from the left and Brad Pitt from the right. I would like to know something about you and give you more details about me but Coil (Koyel, if u still hadn't figured it out) has strictly asked me not to mention my no. so there.

For Now i am like disappearing coz tomm is again SSDD

Adios Amigos
U no whooooooooooooooo

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hey Ash.....Congrats Girl! Hope you do get that medal....As far as I can see it has your name written all over it......Cheers! Just one thing Ashy...Why do you post as if you are writing a letter....With a Hi and end it with your name...Even if you dont write your name we will come to know its you coz at the end of each post the name,date and time of the post is included automatically.....

As far as people thinking you are crazy....Well it was kinda obvious once you joined this blog :-p !!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

To do or not to do...thats the question

Hey all

How are you?I dont know why I am posting.But I just felt like it.Know what?I discovered somethin amazing the other day.If you watch a movie before your finals (and the toughest paper at that) you will actually do well in your paper.Ofcourse this may only apply to people like me who can afford to take a gamble and who have worked their **** off for the entire year...but it works.I also found out that I stand third for the uni and if I get the marks I have been...I stand to get a medal...hows that for news?Me pretty happy.I just hope I have not messed up my chances by being so bindaas this exam.

I want to say a lot more but I am yet to judge if this is the place for it.I dont want you thinking that I am crazier than I am do I now?

Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmmm.......Dont worry guys I am not sitting and wondering about anything...I am humming. Yes! I am indeed humming...some Sonu Nigam songs....I just Love that guy's voice....Golden Voice in today's age and time..............I thought the song Kal Ho Na Ho (Title Track) came alive with his voice.....An incidently its his alltime Fav song too.....
On Wed,14th Dec 2005, I went to Sonu Nigam Nite at Bishop Cottons Boys High School....The show was conducted by the school to raise funds to build an indoor sports complex.....Since my 2 teeny cousins Shreyas and Suhas study there we had to compulsorily buy tickets to the show...Not that I was complaining :-p

Gosh was I impressed or What !!!! The show can be described in only one word "Awesome".
He could sing forever and I would not have budged from that place.......
He sang continuosly for an hour and forty mins without a break.....all the while jumping around the stage....Man what stamina to carry on with different pitches without a break....

Anyways..From quite recently there seems to be a war of status messages going on in messengers........All my frenz are showing their wits in words.....Lemme just say that we are loving it....I have got some compliments for some of my good ones......

Maybe we should all have a name..Hmmmm "Twits with Wits" LOLz

Ok I am so out of ideas to write on this blog that I have resorted to such page fillers......
I mean can u believe this "Twit with a Wit"...Man where do I come up with this kind of junk......Junkie I be now.....Word Junk

I mean just the Last time I was researching words for some phobia and now this.....

Well a word to my near and dear ones....
Fear not that I have lost my mind or anything like that...Just remember :
"Through All Kinds of Weather;
What If The Sky Should Fall;
Just As Long As We're Together;
It Doesnt Matter At All !!!!!!!!! "

Monday, December 19, 2005

14 Lines to Live By

Once when I was down but not definitely out..(Ofcourse then I dint know that..I thot I was most surely OUT) my near dear ones tried their best to bring back my enthusiasm towards life and to make me realise that All was not Over...That Life was calling and all I had to do was Continue and Not Give up....There was no reason to feel that I had to start all over again in life......

Before any of you get weird ideas of ur own lemme elaborate................This was way back in '00.I was/am/will be an academic all my life....Its what one of those things I want to excel in and am highly bothered on the times that I dont or fall short of my own expectations...This was one of those times :-p

Ashwini, my good friend gave me 14 lines to live by to cheer me up......Well i cant really say what they did to me at that time but I can say that I am quite fond of these lines...What better place than this to share it with my fellow beings.....!

14 Lines to Live By :-
  1. I love you not because of who you are but because of who I am when I am with you.
  2. No man is worth your tears and the one that is will never make you cry.
  3. Just because they dont love you the way you want them to doesnt mean that they dont love you with all they have.
  4. They say that love hides behind every corner;If you are not finding it,it means that you must be walking in circles.
  5. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
  6. The worst way to miss someone is to sit right beside them and know that you cant have them.
  7. Never frown even when you are sad coz you never know who is falling in love with that smile of yours.
  8. To the world you may be 1 person but to 1 person you may be the world.
  9. Dont waste your time on somebody who isnt willing to waste theirs on you.
  10. Maybe god wants us to meet all the wrong people before we meet all the right ones so that we will be grateful in life.
  11. Dont cry becoz its over;Smile becoz it happened.
  12. There are always going to be people that hurt you so what you should do is go on trusting again but be careful who you trust the next time.
  13. Know who you are before you try to know another and expect them to know you.
  14. Dont try so hard,the best of things happen when you least expect them.
Some of my own fundas are :-
  • Never take life too seriously coz Nobody gets out alive anyways (Some how inspite of how much I love this funda and advocate it;I am never able to follow it im my life...I always take life way too seriously...Hmmm maybe some more introspection is in order)
  • Achievement lies within the reach of those who can reach beyond themselves.
  • Always Always reach out for the SKY coz even if you fail you are still among the STARS!
  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreamz.
  • Love in your heart wasnt put there to stay;Love isnt Love unless you give it away.
On a more lighter note I would like to say this even thou I am an academic :-
" I was born intelligent! Education Spoiled Me ! " LOLz
But friends never give up coz hope is what keeps us all going.......!!!!!!!! I am greatly impressed with the picture below.......Live by it people!!!!!

I would like to say that the above Lines and fundas are open to discussion;So if any of you guys have anything to say about them or beg to differ please feel free to do so.......
As a parting shot I would like to say is that :-
"Those who wish to sing always find a song "

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Well a very tiring week just passed by...Phew! Am I glad its over or what......I completely agree with the saying : "An idle mind is a devil's workshop"

I dont think I am used to having so much of free time on my hands in all of the 22 yrs that I have lived.......Unfortunately for me only depressing thoughts seem to be filling in my head and ENGULFING me from within(Pardon the "genteel" Language...Excessive Entrance Exams :-p)

I spent quite a few nights tossing and turning with worry about god only knows what...Fear about the unknown future------Must find a word for it.....Well searched for approx 20 mins but dint find any word which explicitly means fear of the unknown....Found a near case one thou.....
Xenophobia (fear of strangers and the unknown) So we can remove the fear of strangers part and use it as of now just as Fear of the Unknown....Also got a word representing it ---------Timorousness - fear of the unknown...Dont know its credibility........

I think I have been brain drained....Maybe all I need is a good vacation and back to normal life of actually having something to do....I am kinda too tired of all this free time.....

For Vidya n Sid : As I was writing this blog I found Vinod online (For Ash, Vinod was also my colleague in Accenture....He is the only one among us still there...i.e Vidya quit too)
I asked him as to how were things on his side and his reply was : SSDD
I asked him to expand saying that I was very ignorant about its expansion....He was pretty surprised coz he believed me to be a Mobile Encyclopedia........So I said to him that I believe the word is Houndini : One who knows all....Yeah thats me Alrite :-p

Oh before i forget : SSDD is short for " Same Shit Different Day "

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hey all

How is everything?A friend of mine recently told me this:

"Your thoughts show parental upbringing,
Your ideas show your intellectual environment,
Your caution shows your worldly experience."

Hows that for putting things in a nutshell?Agree or disagree?I want to add something to the above.I think that you rising above all this shows your maturity.

Hey Vidya,hows work?Still travel in a cab?Careful girl !!!

Take care all...hey Sid, introduce yourself.I dont even know you.


Friday, December 16, 2005

Join the Gang

Hey Ash Welcome to the Blogger Madness....Well I still havent understood the purpose of the blog.....Sometimes i blank out on what i am supposed to keep writing..If you have noticed all of us have kept quiet after a few initial posts :-)

As an answer to your questions.....
Sid is an ex-colleague of mine from Accenture........

Useless Blogs....Well have you read some.....(guffaw)

Lets see if this works

Hi All

Just to see whether this works.koyel said she doesnt know why she created a blog and I dont know why I am posting in it.Anyway....its always good to vent isnt it.

My first question...who is Sid?

My second question...why are there so many useless blogs out there?


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Our Dream

Finally, I got some time to write something...... I was sooooo busy this week and now i am tired and weak...... i am about to fall of..... not strength at all..... It was sooo good after quiting the job, had all the free time in the world, but now can't imagine how busy i am...... This is only for this week, after monday i am goin to be free again.....
Thank God! We finally got a tenent for the house......

I wanted to first write only about the STORY, the Project we are going to do...... :-)
Here is the mail you sent me with the list of characters in the story.....
"Here is a list of the most definite characters which cannot be changed.....................All characters live abroad as of now in my movie story...But thts subject to change depending on the adaptation we make.........Hero's family is christian...heroine is Hindu.....thts not subject to change

Hero :- Extremely handsome in a tough way...coz he is a labourer's son....but dedicated....sincere.....ONE who keeps his promis(important to the story) (Christian Boy)

Heroine :- Delicate and beautiful like a porcelain doll.......From rich family and very protected girl.....very shy (Hindu Girl)

Hero's Sister :- Very friendly girl whose best friend and only friend actually is the heroine......the name i had thot for her is Angelica( Get in this terms.....Angel like someone.....coz she is the angel that connects the lead pair...)

Hero's Mom :- Chubby person....very loving....loves to cook for the entire road always......welcoming and a warm caring human questions asked...just unconditional love given.......

Heroine's Father :- "The villian"....not like sending gundas and all......a man who is harsh and strict on his daughter coz he did anythin and everythin to become rich and the only way ppl can hurt him is thru his family so he is extremely protective of his family...NOT A BAD MAN in the conventional sense......Gives importance to Class......Decides even small things like whom his daughter shuld be frens with also.....

Heroine's Brother :- Is 10 yrs older than the Sister so never really interacted with her....Obedient boy of his father......Important in the end when it turns out he is supportive of his sister...but wanted to just test the strength of her love......cannot define his nature coz as of now its just a two-bit role........

Heroine's Mother :- Is a timid person....doesnt know the outside world....her house n family is her world......cannot go against her husband.....

These r the main characters......I need a bunch of miscellaneous names for some frens of hero...and brother of hero,father of hero and the person who marries the hero's sister....all these 3 a good frenly ppl who are a part of this large and caring hero's family......."

Two new intros....
1. Girls best friend
2. Guys best friend

I have searched some names for Hero's sister.......
Angeliki, Angela, Angelique, Angelina, Angeline, Angelica, Angie, Angy, and Ange.
I feel Angeliki or Angela would be good n loved ones can call her Angy

I wonder if Heroine's father cud be called as Abraham........ Which means father of many according to Arabic ppl......

One off the best friends can be named as Amy or Amey..... this means "beloved"....

That's it for now......
Will keep updating as and when i find more names.....

Depression Hits!

Ah well....All in all not a good week for me i guess....well it hasnt been much good in over a year....Got loads of toothache....came to know there's space lack for wisdom tooth thaks to some extra muscle....gotto get that chopped off i believe.....On top of it my right leg has been getting too numb since recent....Doc says get MRI done,coz it seems to be related to the ever present lower back pain I am suffering for the past 5 yrs....Oh wat JOY!
Getting panic attacks everytime i read the cutoffs mentioned and the various possible psychometric tests to be taken incase I get a GD call.................

I am too YOUNG for all this...Life's calling and very am I? I am agonising somewhere out in the wilderness.....................................Cheers......Life is a ray of sunshine aint it??
Oh keep your hair on I am not DRUNK!

Friday, December 02, 2005



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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ticking Time...Y So SLOW!!

Well now all I can do is WAIT....WAIT for results,WAIT for GD Calls,WAIT for Seat confirmation...If none come then WAIT for fate to show me the where dont ask...dont know cant say :-)
Days are dragging so slow...since i quit my job they seem like yrs ........Not that i am regretting...I hated my job...I STILL hate it mind you...I hate everything abt it from the bay to the people in the bay.....Bittersweet memories...some my fault and many not my fault.....
I know i seem too much pre-occupied with this MBA thingy...But lets just say that my Life is revolving around it as of now.....It looks like the light at the end of the tunnel to me....Helping me go thru each day....Like one more day down....Lots more to go....Started GD classes...The first trial topic given was "Excessive Exposure of Female Anatomy in ADs should be Banned". There was this one guy in the GD...He started off with females in pakistan are draped from head to toe but still the number of rape cases are high exposing is not a reason for crime so y ban it? We can enjoy the ads right...India should change this traditional look...I was like "u r selling a car...What does it have to do with a model exposing? How is that connected to the car being sold??? I mean if its a cosmetic ad u can understand....So exposing just for the sake of exposing is pointless.....I mean we are aware that we cant actually ban it but Ads can be relevant cant they....Afterall excess of anything is bad right? ".
The whole GD one particular episode of seinfeld kept floating in and out of my head...Jerry is travelling in a plane and a beautiful woman is sitting besides him...They get talking and at a point she mentions that she is a model...She gives him a magzine and shows him one of her Ads...He exclaims "Oh the just out of the shower look.How nice they gave you a washcloth to cover urself.For wat is this AD?" She replies "Its for that creasy sofa which is out of focus". Go figure....
Well there was one Mr.Mahesh Nair giving us tips about GD...He says he cud go on talking forever...Well i say if talks i dont mind listening forever....The tips he gave were witty,cheeky....but very very useful....
Hmm wonder whether he will take any more classes...Hope so...After all he was the one who taught me to say My-Ka not MICA :-)