Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reservations: A Necessity?

Here is my stand on one of the most important ongoing issue on which the future of India Rests.....

Anti-Reservation protests still going strong specially frm the medical community....Ofcourse each n every student in India is with them......The Government plans to make 27 % reservations for OBCs in central universities that will take the quota to 49.5 %.
Medical students have been saying that reservations should be on the basis of economic condition rather than caste.Financially weaker students r missing out on post-graduate seats only because of being general category students. The anti-reservation protests by medicos in Delhi got stronger on Tuesday with students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur and Kharagpur joining them on hunger strike at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

The sad state is tht the people in power determining the fate of India and future of Indians r totally incompetant in this regard.Anyone who is currently watching Arjun Singh's interview with Karan Thapar which is being aired as I write this will agree with me...Arjun singh cud not answer any of Karan's queries to satisfaction....Arjun cud not Even Justify his own stand for the necessity of the quota increase.....For most of Karan's questions his stand was "I dont kno" or "Its obvious"(wonder to whom)
The height of ridiculousness was Arjun's reply to the question "Do you know what percentage of the Indian population is OBC?"...He actually stated on live television to ask someone with better knowledge the answer for it....Who is tht someone who is supposed to be knowledgeable? Doesnt tht mean Arjun Singh isnt knowledgeable(in his own words tht too)......So on wat basis does he make his stand on reservation without having any knowledge abt them.....This is the pathetic state of Indian Politics where people who r self-confessed "not knowledgeable enuf" are determining the nation's future.....It seemed to me frm where I was watching tht Arjun himself dint look or seem quite convinced abt the necessity of the quota increase....Then why infact is he pro- it? Thts the million dollar question now isnt it.....He cud not answer the question on whether the increase was really necessary at this point of time.....

Statistics and facts rattled out by Karan showed tht in Higher Education out of the percentage of seats currently being reserved atleast 1/3rd of them were unoccupied.....since the number of Sc/STs and OBC candidates opting for higher education are less for watever reasons best known to them...this deprives a meritorious general merit candidate of his/her seat.....So out of the current reserved seats wen 1/3rd is already being wasted due to vacancy WHY the increase in quota? To WASTE more seats? To see to tht more merit students are DENIED education?
Mr.Arjun Singh's response for this was something like "Jus coz some ppl r not joining doesnt mean tht quota or an increase is not needed....Wat the hell is tht supposed to mean...?
Its like shouting I dont care whether its of some use or not but still lets increase tht at the time of election he can say tht he helped Backward community.....and how? By wasting seats tht werent of any use to them or to anyone else too!

The entire thing is senseless......Y shud there be reservations in education anyway? Tht too based on caste???? All of u out thr tell me with an honest heart.....wud u want to be treated by a Doctor who scored 40% to get into MBBS (as in someone who probably doesnt kno the ABC of medicine but is a Doctor nevertheless...and y the hell not since seats are being reserved for the likes of them?).......Whether its general merit or SC or ST or OBC or BC or watever types there r it shudnt matter....wat shud matter is how capable the person is....tht shud be the one and only criteria.....Infact I feel tht reservations are an insult to OBC and SC/ST as by doing reservations for them,the country is telling them tht they are not good enuf to score and get seats on their own hence there is reservations for them.....Y is it so? Do u mean to tell me tht an OBC student cannot be good enuf to get a merit seat??? I dont buy tht....Intelligence or capability doesnt come with particular caste or creed.....A similar look at the fee structure....full fees for general merit and almost half rate for reserved wat if the general merit student is frm a financially weak background? Nothing...He/She still gotto pay the entire fees....On the other hand the reservation candidate cud be frm a wealthy background....but who cares...He/She can still pay half the fees....Yippeeee....The joy of studying in India.....!!!! Now the right thing to do in this case is fee discrimination based on financial conditions whr the actual needy irrespective of the caste are given a chance for education.

So a plea to the government tht its high time India stops differentiating based on CASTE....!

P.S :- For anyone who cares to read the mockery of Indian Politics...Arjun's Interview!