Monday, December 26, 2005

Read and Write Bloggers

Yes, We have indeed been having some long posts and I thank those writers immensely....coz thats the purpose of this blog....To talk(imply write) and to let others talk(imply read)........I hope these words are encouraging to those members who just want to let others talk(again implying read) so that we are graced with their talks(once again implying write)......

Answer to Ash's Q : Well I think that risk percentage of online frendships is like 50:50 as we only have the other person's word to take for....Apart from it; its like any other frenship as long as that person doesnt turn out to be this creepy psych or something like that......As far as this web thingy blowing up in our face...Hmmm may not happen for a while...but then excessive mis-usage of anything will blow up on the face of mankind.....Lastly a bit abt the security and privacy thingy.....Its in your hands what you want to secure and what not....Take this blog for example; One is only writing what one wants to write...So if one says one's privacy is being invaded that would only mean that one was stupid enough to put stuff(which one dint want others to see) for others to see.......Right? I hope that clears it up.......

Too sad that Sid couldnt get his milkman's email for us...Thats one post less for the blog....Sigh!
And Sid if you want to start charging for each post then U better start paying me rent for giving you space to write on the blog LOL !!!!!!

And Ash I dont remember anything like I was supposed to call you...If you want me to then just ask me to :-p

And Ash wasnt blue your colour....When did you shift to mine???

So people what are your New Year Resolutions???? C'mon you guys can be honest here and tell us what all resolutions you made up....We wont judge you....We intend to break them too....

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