Thursday, December 22, 2005

Look whos back...Finally

Hi Coil,Vid, Chayya,Vicky...Ram, Shyam and Hari (That's Bangalored Tom, Dick and Harry for the uninitiated)

And a special Hello to Ashwini make it a Very Special Hello ...better still make it an Xtraa Special Hello to Ash

Finally after a long wait Lord almighty has answered your prayers ...and on huge public demand (mainly from Coil herself, ummm okkkkk ONLY from COIL) Guess who's back. Well actually u dont have to guess coz my name was already there on the Blog page.

So yeah Its Perfection Personifed himself.

And in the general tradition of the blog so far i will not bore u with my personal happenings like came to Bangalore by 9W477 from Mumbai last nite and it was delayed 20 mins. Got upgraded to Business class from cattle class (Economy) luckily. Had to slog my ass till 1:30 am to finish pending work and then remembered that had forgot my sleep in Mumbai so wide awake at 1:33 am thought what else LETS BLOG.

Anyway I had to set a few things straight with Coil and Ashwini

Coil.... Can you please re answer this ? Who is Sid ?

A: Ex-colleague from Accenture. HOW ATROCIOUS !!!

After all those hours of chatting and yapping (from my office/from the car on my way to Airport/home/client meet) ex-colleague.....what crap. Pls re-answer ASAP

And Dear Ash(wini),

I know u like being called Ash, Just FYI. I am M/24/Single from Mumbai now in Bangalore. I look like Tom Cruise from the left and Brad Pitt from the right. I would like to know something about you and give you more details about me but Coil (Koyel, if u still hadn't figured it out) has strictly asked me not to mention my no. so there.

For Now i am like disappearing coz tomm is again SSDD

Adios Amigos
U no whooooooooooooooo

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