Saturday, December 24, 2005

Finding Oasis in the desert

Namaskara Sirs (and a namaskar mandli to those who know marathi)

i so am thrilled to find someone who can speak/understand marathi here in habba bengalaroo, it feels like ...(see the topic). Yessire it finally payback time for PC (New acronym for Koyel) and vidya. BTW PC wouldn't it be a better topic of discussion that is PC more suitable to u then SS rather then this marriage/sharriage thing.

Anyway got a reply to my post and none what so ever to my emailid/yahoo chat id. So there PC what do u say to that...u were wrong again. Tch Tch.

I am also curious to know why PC chose this topic over other burning issues infront of our great Nation like Renaming Bangalore,Potholes in City roads, Pakistan tour of India, Cow not giving enuf milk for my neighor hood milkman.

But then again she is the OWNER/Malik/Mai Baap/Raaj Mata of this Blog ours not to question why; ours just to obey and die/fry.

I apologise to my readonly participant frenz in this blog for putting them thru more misery with one more post here.

So before i rebuke PCs topic anymore, i want to return Ash's favor by dedicating a paragraph to her (One good turn deserves another and so on and so forth)

Well firstly about copying ur spelling mistakes

  • Congratulations on having a very keen observation (Again almost as keen as mine)
  • I have worked as a programmer so i am used to copy-paste of source code and hence ur spelling mistakes also ended up in my post he he he

Secondly on my marital status, well both of us i.e your truly and PC(Koyel) are correct technically. Let me explain. I am married,31 years actually (not 24 as the earlier post joke) but currently i am a bachel0r coz last few days my wife is in Mumbai (My native location) with my 5months and 12 days old son Mandar. So for the short term investor i am Single and from a long term investor i am very much married. Hope this clarifies. Aata paristhithi spasth jhali aasel :)

Now for the rest of the questions.

Where do you work?Accenture?

As of now i am Technical Consultant, Presales with Symantec Corporation which acquired Veritas Software for whom i was working after leaving Accenture (Bangalore & Boston,USA) which i had joined from StorageTek,Singapore. Other Companies i have graced with my presence and guidance include Mastek, Zensar Technologies (In Pune, UK, USA) and ICICI Infotech and Century Rayon. So i have had my ass whipped in lot of places and given it back also in all of those place ;)

What do you do?

As of now i am Technical Consultant, Presales . But i dont really do much. Just fly to near by cities/countries on training and make endless presentations to customers/clients/thier customers/partners/cab drivers/airport security and generally anyone i can get a hold of.

What are all those diferent jobs that you have done?

  • Software Developer (Jr./Sr./Only)
  • Unix System Administrator (Again Jr./Sr./Only)
  • IT Systems Auditor
  • Systems Integration Projects
  • EDP Officer
  • All these besides my current role.

All fancy terms but finally translate to SSDD and more SSDD.

For the list of where i did all this refer to answer of Question No. 1 in rest of questions section.

You should have hobbies other than girls right? What are they?Ever tried your hand at painting?

Yeah, Cricket, Hockey, Reading, Chatting and i finding myself blogging also. But honestly the ROI is far lower in all the other hobbies than girls. heh heh

Oh just so u know ROI == Return on Investment.

I shall not stop here....As i also have to post my views on the Mandatory topic asked by Miss K herself (Thats u PC)

My Views:Copyright Ashwini Baitmangalkar, Bangalore, India.( Well i am leaving the Copyright with Ash coz that way someone responsible can manage all the paperwork na. heh heeh hee) Marriage by itself is such a Pain (oops) sorry such an institution that either way you have to make it work no matter whether it arranged or love. The only difference is that in Arranged marriage you can always have tha satisfaction of blaming someone else (Your parents largely) for the goofup which you cant do in a love marriage (in fact in love marriages ppl will end up telling u " i hate to tell this to u but i had told u so". Personal opinion...Arranged...gets your stress level down a great deal...everyone happy...where is there no risk anyway? And also you have someone else to blame forever.

Yeah i am on Hutch...right? But how did u guess. And the question well if u r on Hutch also ....have u heard the song "U & I this beautiful world, Green grass, blue skies, Bannerghatta road potholes...."

So long for now adiossssssssss

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