Thursday, December 22, 2005

More clarifications on the clarifications ...

Bhai log Namaste (And there are no sisters here, Also the way i am posting i wudn't want them also here heh heh)

This is my humble request to not get fooled by the previous devious post by Coil (oops... KOYEL Deviji)

While on the surface it appears that she is letting us do all we want but have u guys seen the rider "as long as its within the deceny level " and who decides this level ...who else Raj Mata herself. he he he

So now anything I say will be indecent while all else will be okay am sure.

Now to the next thing. 0123456789 all my no.s like cell,land,house number,address,fax,email are a combination of these no.s even my bank accounts.
i promise u that no other no.s are being used.

But my email id is and i hope some of u will add me in their chat lives....priority will be given to the fairer sex....(so start using the Fair & Handsome boys and girls...
... why boys coz they sud be handsome....and why girls.. coz they say it has a stronger peptide or something so u can become more fairer faster then Fair & Lovely)

It may sound a bit cliche but Ash i see a whole lot of similiarities among our natures. For e.g

U - Studying to be a psychologist.
I - Trying to understand female psychology

U-Love to paint, read,write,make freinds,be with people as well as around them.
I - Love to be painted, read(Humor) , make (girl) frenz, be with people (Read Girls) as well as be surrounded by them.

U - Worked in a lot of different areas.
I - Worked in a lot of different countries/companies/roles/salaries.

U - Guess people who know me will be able to paint a better picture.
I - Well my painting is not that good but i would luv to try painting u ;)

If can just tell me who is the service provider for u Hutch or Airtel.... we may one more similiarity. (There is some thing more to this line but thats for another post)

Oops Just now after typing so much my laptop just froze for 7-8 mins ....
so that it for now.

Sid (Sidharth Joshi)

P.S Ash by any chance tula marathi kal te kay ?

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