Thursday, January 14, 2010


Am writing here after a really long time...KPR (as she calls herself I read) will probably fall out of her chair when she logs on next and sees this post.A logical question one might ask,and a very pertinent one at that would be too,would be why is Ashwini posting here after such a long time?Truth be told,I have no idea.I dont have anything to share,I dont have anything to report, or any news to give.I just read what K had written here,about how this is a place for her and her friends to vent.And I guess I came here to do just that :)

Next logical and pertinent question...what does Ashwini want to vent about?Will you believe it when I tell you thats there is nothing?It true,I dont think I have anything specific to vent about.I just felt like writing,and I ditn feel motivated to write on my other blog.No one seems to read what I write there anyways.So its rather demotivating to keep writing knowing no one but you is ever going to read those words.Here I think atleast K will read this.

Movie quotes reminded me,has anyone watched 'Before Sunrise' and 'After Sunset' I absolutely fell in love with those movies.Any idea where I can watch them online?There is a part in 'Before Sunrise' where they talk about broken dreams...I just love the part but cant remember the dialogues.LEt me know if you know where I can get this movie K.

This post is your surprise girl...if you feel like killing me,just remember I am very far away at the moment and there is no point letting your blood boil :P

Logging off...