Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Sonnets

Another Chance

Trapped under the chores of life
Pressures, tensions, daily strife
Couldn’t wait, Couldn’t stop
Challenges nonstop
You were the wind, you were the breeze
You were always there to put me at ease
My smile, your life’s quest
I realize now; my heart smiled at your behest
You were my sun, you were the moon
My god’s gift, you were the boon

You were my heart, oh sweetheart
Can’t believe with you I part
Scared and aghast
I ran at last
What I left, what I lost
I want another chance to erase that past
I loved you then, I love you now
Will show you how
If you but allow
The rest of my life, I vow.


Priceless Images

Are ghosts of the past
Go deep as the ocean vast
Flashes and flashes
Flicker and shimmer
Some hot whiplashes
Some delightful glimmer
The story of our lives
In just Images……Priceless!

Every step, every stage
Challenges are faced
No matter the age
A set of choices
None right or wrong
Just how well you sing that song
Trying to stay afloat among plenty
On hindsight everything is 20/20
The story of our lives
In just Images……Priceless!


The emptiness, the silence,
The dark dead end wall;
Should I succumb, should I surrender?
Should I give in to them all?