Friday, December 23, 2005

Ho...Mala Marathi Kalte


I found someone else who speaks marathi...I so badly wanted to speak...but no one among my friends seems to know...(Yes Koyel,I know that Teju does but how often do we speak?)Atha ami dogi marathi made boluya and he sagle zanila kai pan mahith nahi honar.(Hahaha I like this)

But Sid...please be warned that my marathi is still a little it will take me time to adjust.

So how are the others doing.Now Koyel...dont you feel like clawing my eyes out yet?Dont worry...that day s not too far yet.

I will start another topic of conversation...because k is very stuck on marriage...I wonder why?So what do you guys think?Why is Koyel this curious about there something we dont know Koyel?Out with it dear...

And how come vicky an chhaya are still silent?Who is chhaya?Do you know marathi by any chance?Why doesnt this thing have emocons...?Does anyone know?

I have to dedicate one entire paragraph to Sid...who has managed to copy my exact words...down to my spelling mistakes (freinds).Hmm...I didnt know we shared so many similarities...but one clarification please...are you or are you not married?K says u r and u say u r single.Whats the deal?Ne all the other similarities...must say we seem to share many...Lets see what else comes that we both speak marathi...some questions for you now...
Where do you work?Accenture?
What do you do?
What are all those diferent jobs that you have done?
You should have hobbies other than girls right?What are they?
Ever tried your hand at painting?

I shall stop here....I think this much for one post is enough.Hye K...what happened to shubha?I expected her to be here as well.invite her na?What have the rest of you been up to?

OK...K...I will carry forward your topic of discussion...only because I want to bring home the point that there is more behind your so called "Innocent" topic of discussion.

My Views:Copyright Ashwini Baitmangalkar, Bangalore, India.
It depends on you and you alone.If you find someone yourself and are sensible enough on how you go about it...why not.On the other hand...its easy to get misled,misinterpreted,have HUGE expectations,get confused,fall in love with falling in love, etc.In the first place I dont think there is anything called "Falling in Love" therefore...this is an area that is more of a minefield than any other in the history of mankind.Another thing is that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.None of the ppl have learnt to understand the other species.Thus a minefield...

Personal opinion...Arranged...gets your stress level down a great deal...everyone happy...where is there no risk anyway?

Have I sounded too much like a psychologist?Comes with the territory...cant help.But I am sure that there will def be many views that will come in and I will be called upon to defend some things I have said for sure.

And Sid,whats behind the Airtel Hutch question?I think you are on Hutch...right?


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