Friday, November 14, 2008

A Single Day Late!

Was browsing the net and accidentally got lost....came across this poem in a Philippines website...

we were friends,

we had been for so long,
but i wanted something more,
and it didn't feel wrong

i felt that i needed you,
and now i know i do,
but fate is my enemy,
because i truly love you

i never could tell you,
i thought you were taken,
how could i have so,
foolishly mistaken

that all that time,
that i loved you,
you had felt the same way,
and loved me too

the secrets i carried,
you carried as well,
and i would have carried them,
to the depths of hell

for you.
for you.

now i love you,
and i burn against fate,
for i declared my love,
a single day late

you looked to the floor,
and i asked what was wrong,
and the truth spilled out,
but it didn't take long

to realize that you'd,
felt the very same way,
and loved me the same,
but for one single day

you'd finally accepted,
i would never love you,
and gave up on me,
because you never knew

that every time I touched
you I cried,
and when I said I liked to be friends
I lied,

I want you so badly,
I've just myself to hate,
for i was oblivious,
and a single day late

just a single day late.

so if you ever love someone,
and they just don't know,
tell them and tell them,
and just tell them so

because worse than rejection,
and never having met,
is the most horrible feeling,
of having regret

i can't go back,
i can't change a thing,
but you've still a chance,
so do it for me

get up and call them,
or go for a walk,
i ruined my chance,
when i could've talked

all that time,
we'd felt the same way,
but she left me alone,
just a single day late

so tell them right now,
please don't hesitate,
because just one day could be,
a single day late

~ Jeffrey David

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pell - Mell Thoughts

There are times when my imagination goes zoom full speed....poems, articles, scripts, thoughts, all float around in the small cramped space that I carry on my shoulders all day....And then Zilch! Its all gone......Nothing there any thoughts no feelings nadaa....nothing to share nothing to tell....I panic; Wondering why there are long gaps between my works....

On one hand, I try to console myself into believing that I write when lightning strikes, when the ground beneath trembles, when the moon is a blue hue, when doves cry --- Have you people caught on or do I need to ramble any more??? Lol...Basically when I feel strongly, passionately about something....But then shouldn't a writer also have a dispassionate element within? A writer should be able to write about anything right? Or have I got my concepts wrong and am mixing journalists with writers??????

What can be a source of inspiration? 'Tis true, its a matter of perception. It could be a bird singing, a child smiling, a boring class, roomie's snore.......All of Europe's dazzling beauty invoked nothing in me to write.......All of America's splendor sparked nothing in me to color this virtual canvas with......As I tread the tiny stone bridge that connects to stone steps leading to my apartment complex, I stop a moment to watch the fall colors on the trees and the puny stream that flows amidst them below the bridge, I think of my mom, my friends and the heart I've left behind and I feel the longing to pen the emotions......I am online, chatting with Ting and our conversations cover the important, the unimportant and the utter nonsense and in her smile and our memories I find the spark to light a flame in me which connects the thousand dots before my eyes to make a picture........In my lonliness, I cover my ears to stop the shouts of my past that haunt me on some nights, the madness, the pain, the tearful rain; all the mumbles of my nightmares become poetic words with which I decorate my present.....

Inspiration! You cant find it.....It finds You.................!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Impish Delights!

It was a dull gloomy day in June
'Twas her smile, as bright as the Moon;
I saw her by the bulletin board,
It caught my eye, the vision and lights,
Showed me a hint of all the impish delights.

Girl friends and confidantes we soon became,
Stood by each other, hurdles we overcame,
Pranks and naughtiness galore;
We matched our wits, even had cat fights,
Evening and Nights; all the impish delights.

Fell in love, got our hearts broken,
Consoled each other, Said or Unspoken,
In a depressed moment, I cried out to my lost love,
She said “Twas for the best that it’s over, Needn’t be stuck on one forever”;
“Scores of Handsome boys and Celebrities to ogle all over”,
Laughed and cried, carried on with might
Those were our glory days of impish delights.

Today am seven seas afar,
Some worldly wise, fewer words spar;
Things seemed to have slowed down a notch or two,
Feels like I have split into two, one here, one with her;
I saw a face in the crowd, a known smile,
My imagination took fanciful flights,
Gosh it reminded me of those impish delights!


For Ting, About Ting!

Monday, June 02, 2008

An SID original copy

Doing More with Less

We the unwilling
Led by the unknowing
Have done so much
For so long
With so little
We are now qualified
To do anything
With nothing

For the really really ignorant SID == SID :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A KPR original...................!!!!

In your eyes
Call it destiny call it fate
Why we met oh so late
Twas a phase when I wasn’t merry
Truth be told I was very wary
Of people places things feelings
I had lost lots of life’s meanings
Then we met as the gods’ willed
I heard you first and then I stilled
My first reaction wasn’t love or contempt
It was just indifference to all your attempts
We were kind and polite and there in began my journey into light
Boisterous you were, taking initiation took you far
Wasn’t long before you were crowned czar
In your eyes I saw a glimmer
Of hope and truth, excited shimmer
Kind, friendly and a leader you were
I never noticed that you were near

I don’t know how the three witches of fate
Spin the yarn of our mortal life
But it just happened on one starry night
You can call him the Judas in this story
He may have been a traitor,
But for us an apostle
For he was the catalyst,
If only for a small fraction
Twas the first moonlight; for this strange reaction
Our first walk, we held hands;
It drove me to distraction
People can call it what they want
I know it’s not just physical attraction
In your eyes I saw a glint
Of warmth and trust, love in a hint
I noticed things that were obscure
It was now clear as never before

I don’t know how the time flew by
How everything to this day comes by
It was wonderful the journey till here
Passionate considerate, more than a mere
We were confidantes without a fear
Twas joyous as a love filled song; hear hear!
One fine day you left me bereft
It all just happened so abrupt
I can’t fathom the whats and the whys
Now I just want to stop all these cries
I wish you peace, and don’t begrudge these bends
I have known all along later that you want us to remain friends
It isn't like I dint try but things are too raw; maybe within time it wont seem like a war,
In your eyes all along
I saw this desire, yes, for this song
Today I am giving what you so long
And yes, this really is our song

P.S Abbreviation expanded for the Ignorant
KPR == Koyel Priyadarshini Ravindra