Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Random Things About Moi!!!!

I just noticed this note flying around Facebook with all the cool, uncool and nerdy ones doing this...........Wherever I saw there was this note giving me the come hither looks and yes I admit I capitulated enough to make an attempt to write the same.

25 random things about me for all who were jobless enough to wander to this page and moronic enough to read it......(snigger snigger)....Mean me......!!!!!

1) I am LAZEEEEEE.....I decided to write this 3 weeks ago, wrote the title and saved the draft a week ago, actually started 4 days ago and posted it today....Need any more evidence???

2) I think Micheal J Fox is one of the cutest son-of-a-guns around in the world. Don't ask me to elaborate further for your own health.

3) Time and again I obsess over the question " Did I throw a coin over my shoulder into the Fountain De Trevi in Rome?"

4) I think I threw the coin facing the fountain and not over my shoulder. Legend has it that if you throw a coin over your shoulder into this fountain you will visit Rome again and I sooooo desperately want to go back there again and hence the obsessing part.

5) I think I do not like much of reality. That would probably explain why I like Fantasy Fictions to the hilt. I simply loved the Twilight Series, Harry Potter Series and Aisling Grey Guardian series.

6) I diss the Inheritance trilogy and the Dark matters omnibus. But yes, the concept was good...nevertheless if I wanted to read so much of physics I would have done a goddamn B.Sc in physics.

7) At the cost of repeating myself, I repeat - I love the Harry Potter Series. JKR rules....but naming Harry's second son Albus Severus is where I draw the line.

8) I hate Delhi'ites. If you are one and you are reading this and it hurts your feelings.....well.......ah.....I don't give a rats arse.

9) I suck at invention. All the poems and stories in my blog have a personal episode behind it. I can't concoct even if my life depended on it.

10) Italy is my home away from home and I wouldn't be satiated short of another 50 trips in the least.

11) I will only marry that guy who will take me on a month long honeymoon in Europe; Italy, Greece mandatory. ( Other requirements are that he be less than 30 yrs old, 6ft tall and drop dead handsome :P )

12) One of my complaints in life is that - After 2 Masters Degrees in USA, and hordes of friends from all nations, I do not boast of a single Gay friend. Now what else should a girl do to get herself the perfect best friend????

13) I fell asleep while making this list up.

14) My father is the first brightest star I can see from my bedroom window.

15) Me thinks Euphemism is fun at times.

16) If anybody has any preconceived notions about me which are totally not me, I move sun and moon to make sure that's how they see me till the day they cough up and die.

17) I firmly believe that humanity's greatest illusion is the belief that you can change a fellow human being.

18) I think for every 18 years of the female species, the male needs to be 120 years for a match in the intellectual and emotional maturities. That's why we never get the perfect man for us....They are all dead and underground by the time they are perfect for us.

19) I am NOT a feminist. Feminism advocates the theory of equality of the sexes. I believe the sexes can never be equal. Females are unarguably superior.

20) I like riling up people. I believe the utterly secure can never be riled.

21) I have the memory of an elephant. I never forget ever. When I say I have forgotten something people know I am lying ( Do not use this point for simple day to day affairs. It is perfectly okay for me to forget where I misplaced the TV remote); which also explains why I suck at lying and concoction. For more clarifications refer to point 9 in this list.

22) Edward is my name for the perfect man on earth. I think an Edward exists for every female on Planet Earth.

23) I am waiting for my Edward.

24) I believe my fairy tale expectations in life and romance are foolish on my part given my experiences with the reality of life.

25) Nevertheless I still have fairy tale expectations and I believe in the goodness of people. And yes I know that I am a fool.



Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Dream

Enough of poems people....My attempt at a song

I have a dream in my eye

All the longings and a sigh!

Wish it were true my oh my

It’s resounding in my cry

I’ve worked so hard

I’ve come so far

Yet am no near

Haven’t lost all my fear

Its killing me oh yes it is; All the waiting

Frustrations, demonstrations, allegations, agitations;

Wanna replace ‘em all

With outstanding ovations

I have a dream in my eye

All the longings and a sigh!

Wish it were true my oh my

It’s resounding in my cry

At times I lose hope

Think of giving up

Everything is a test of endurance

I’ll strive to carry on

I don’t wanna take the easy route

The challenge is in getting there

Am choosing hope against hope

And am gonna make it there

I have a dream in my eye

All the longings and a sigh!

Wish it were true my oh my

It’s resounding in my cry