Monday, January 23, 2006

Usha Uthup Anyone?

Yesterday it was Family day in Phillips...So the entire family went there....For the ignorant my Mama works in Phillips.It was fun.Lots of games for the kids,caricature,tatoos,mehndi,salad and puddin competations for the wives n stuff...All proud parents meeting the bosses of their sons n daughters...Since its a Software office sunday was a holiday to all...The locks in the entire office were open so you dint need a tagged person to buzz you in...Anyone could go in anywhere....Beautiful office thou...Its on the bangalore-hyderabad national highway...very well planned...Large land where there are mutilple campuses of Phillips,IBM and all other Software Giants......Had fun there....Usha Uthup had come there....Belted out a few numbers......Chatted a lot with my granny and called out to kids who r 40 n above to dance with her...Had everyone singing
Doston se pyar kiya Dushmano se badle liye Jo bhi kiya humne kiya Shaan se........
Lunch n home afterwards....Just to celebrate family...Nice concept and people loved it me included.

On another note I was wondering wats more worse "Outright lying/acceptance or Hypocrisy"?
My opinions on this matter dint need much pondering...It was right there.....Hypocrisy..Its the worst.....Liars are usually(most cases) people who are afraid of losing something...hence the lie
Acceptance may again make u lose...But atleast they are who they are....But never really knows them do they? They are canniving,plotting,scheming,sometimes sadistic n not always doing things for some gain...sometimes its just for pleasure n timepass;In a way they r also who they r but others r none the wiser if u get what I mean.But in case of lying one almost always knows or comes to know...Liars can be forgiven but I am not sure of the same for hypocrites.
I mean take a simple form of hypocrisy: One says that one is a introvert or doesnt like making friends or blah blah and mentions in their profile(for job or personal) that they love making friends...What do you make out of that??? One is certainly trying to pose in front of a certain set of people...y? Could be for 101 reasons.....None for the benefit of others surely....I dont know what it is that makes me despise hypocrisy to the extent of Bush despising Laden or vice versa.I mean why not stand up for what you believe in n display it are who you are...I guess thats what makes me admire when a man admits he has problems with his wife working or earning more than him.....His thots may be booed or they may rightly belong to the pre-historic world....But he is scores of times better than a hypocrite who likes to boast around he is a mordern metrosexual man who believes in the equality of both sexes and projects himself the perfect husband when in reality he is completely the opposite but just doesnt want to admit it for the sake of keeping up an upbeat image.Atleast Guy 1 had the guts to admit what he really facade there....Make no mistake;A hypocrite can also be found out like liars....may take some time but is not invinsible.....Hypocrites largely think that the world revolves around them and that eevryone else is blind deaf and dumb...apart from this they have so many other character flaws that one is surprised at the end that all the clues dint hit home earlier....I talk from personal experience.....

Tip for the hypocrites : "Duniya mein sabse bada bewakoof woh hota hai jo
yeh sochta hai ki uske alava saare bewakoof hote hai"

~ ME

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dil Pe Mat Le YAAR!!!!!!

Well well well.....What have we here????? An Eco-Friendly Sid......Heavy
Thanks for your best wishes Sid...May the toilet paper never run out on you too....I suppose you will enforce a kind of rule in your household like only one roll of toilet paper per Month or something like that....Impressive...Let us know how that rule works out;Maybe we will all be encouraged to enforce similar stringent methods for the conservation of paper...thou I cannot promise much help with toilet paper coz we like all Indians use WATER!!!!! I will instead stress on the importance of paper conversion to all the kids...They can be the Saviours of Paper....They will advocate shutdown of schools unless authorities find an alterantive to paper(Maybe provide laptops for all) or start eco-friendly recycling units(Which donot pollute the air) or such kind

Innovation...Thats what the country needs...I salute you my Dear Friend "US" for Suggesting your Bit....But India needs more than suggestion...I hope you follow this up with Action.
God Bless U!

Well guys n gals WHY this silence???? Ash you have been awfully quiet since the New Year.
Write something gal...Dont bottle up those complicated feelings n thoughts...Let them Flow here.....Sid is saying that this attempt(Previous post) of his is a last effort...last flicker of a dimming candle coz none of you have been posting these days....Prove him wrong people.

As for me.....
Every Morning I go through the FORBES List of 40 richest Indians;
If my name is not in there,I go to WORK!!!!!

P.S : Hey "US" why is it your last post when I just asked you not to post that one particular post????

~ ME


Dear All,

A very happy new year to u all....that too after the year is a dozen days old :)

I have made a New year resolution do my bit to save our environment.

I urge all of you to ....

Conserve Paper ...


Use Both sides of the TOILET PAPER

Have a greatly successful New year ( May the toilet paper roll never run out on you)

(This might be my last post as PC (thats Coil for the uninitiated(that's Koyel..for the still uninitiated)) had told me not to post this post)


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Welcome Halbhavi

Finally Guess What The Cat Drug In......Or Rather Who

ShubhaKartini U Halbhavi has made it into the blog finally.....Graced us all with her delicate presence....Hoping she makes that presence felt......Well Haladabhaavi, Ash was asking about you and was wondering if I had invited you at all on this blog.....So do write in to us about where n what you have been upto all these months and also specify that you were the first person I invited on the blog....It just took you so many months to check your mail thats all :-p
Else Ash may think that I have oppressed the needy or something and make me out as a tyrant again and feel the need to punish me with her JADE powers........LOL

For the Ignorant,Haladabhavi is my Best Friend/Classmate/Benchmate/Partner In Crime/etc etc;Who is currently pursuing M.C.A somewhere in the Dharwad/Hubli area....and lives with her parents in Dharwad...Such a loss to Bangalore and one better believe it!!!!! Anymore praise and people will think I am in love with her or something crazy like that(By that I mean u US)

If anyone has any wild stories about their New Year Party Please feel free to ink here....
Hint! Hint! Vikram and Pavan...(Hoping they do get the HINT;If not DD{read as Vikram} and PP{Read as Pavan} lemme explain...we all want to hear about the GOA trip with all the sordid details.....!!!! :-)))

Misss K !

P.S Abbreviations Expanded Below for the EXTREMELY Ignorant

Haladabhavi - means dry/dead well as opposed to her real name halbhavi meaning milk well
M.C.A - Master of Computer Applications
DD - Dumb Dodo
PP - Plain Palak
US - Uncle Sid
JADE powers - The legendary powers of AshMan; For those who still dint understand;Give a faintly puzzled look and move one in life !!!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Shocking End to 2005...May 2006 prevail better!

A Glance at how the previous year ended........

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 (Bangalore):
A retired IIT, Delhi professor has been shot dead and four others injured in a shootout at the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc) in Bangalore.

Terror attack?
According to the police, four to five persons came in a white Ambassador car inside the campus of the Institute and opened fire from automatic weapons outside the J N Tata auditorium. An AK-47 rifle, three magazines of an automatic weapon and a hand grenade were recovered from the scene of firing, police sources said.An international conference was on inside the auditorium when the shootout took place at around 7:20 pm (IST). Delegates were coming out for dinner at the end of the day's proceedings of the annual convention of Operational Research Society of India when the gunmen struck.According to sources, the attack could be the handiwork of a terrorist group though it's too early to say which group was responsible.The Institute is on the hit list of terror groups including Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba.Sources say Bangladesh-based terrorist groups will also have to be investigated for their involvement in the attack.

People were asked to leave sections of Forum Mall and Garuda Mall for some time in the afternoon. The police have thrown a tight security blanket at the CM's residence,CM's home office, Hotel Ashok, and the residences of all politicians. All IBM employees were asked to leave the building and checks were conducted at all other places.It said six jehadis had come to Bangalore, that the Grand Ashok Hotel and CM's residence should be evacuated, and on New Year's Eve, hundreds of people would die during the celebrations at the hotel. Security agencies are trying to ascertain where the fax, signed by Moinuddin, had come from. The Times of India, some other newspaper offices and the CM received fax copies of the letter. The letter says powerful bombs will go off at 10.30 pm and two human bombs - Sarla and Hanif - will blow themselves up at the CM's residence during the chaos at the hotel. "It is one of the most systematic executions ever," the letter added. Police commissioner Ajai Kumar Singh said: "We cannot ignore such messages but it is not common for terrorists to send faxes to newspaper offices informing about such attacks because it would give time for the police to react and reorganise themselves.

Can you believe this fellow bangaloreans???
Namma bengalooru...Illi yaavathu terror attack aagilla....Now it seems our houses arent safe anymore too....Felt very sad that all such things are happening in namma bengalooru....Looks like Bangalore has finally come in the direct view of the "Bad Eye"....Take it as you please...but Like they say "Bengalooru maile Ketta Kannu Bidide....." or so to say literally.......
Nothing happened.Bangalore welcomed the New Year safely!!! (touchwood)
E hosaa varsha atleast namellarigu shubha sandeshavannu tharali.....
Ellarigu Hosaa Varshada Harthika Subhashayagallu!!!!!!!