Monday, January 23, 2006

Usha Uthup Anyone?

Yesterday it was Family day in Phillips...So the entire family went there....For the ignorant my Mama works in Phillips.It was fun.Lots of games for the kids,caricature,tatoos,mehndi,salad and puddin competations for the wives n stuff...All proud parents meeting the bosses of their sons n daughters...Since its a Software office sunday was a holiday to all...The locks in the entire office were open so you dint need a tagged person to buzz you in...Anyone could go in anywhere....Beautiful office thou...Its on the bangalore-hyderabad national highway...very well planned...Large land where there are mutilple campuses of Phillips,IBM and all other Software Giants......Had fun there....Usha Uthup had come there....Belted out a few numbers......Chatted a lot with my granny and called out to kids who r 40 n above to dance with her...Had everyone singing
Doston se pyar kiya Dushmano se badle liye Jo bhi kiya humne kiya Shaan se........
Lunch n home afterwards....Just to celebrate family...Nice concept and people loved it me included.

On another note I was wondering wats more worse "Outright lying/acceptance or Hypocrisy"?
My opinions on this matter dint need much pondering...It was right there.....Hypocrisy..Its the worst.....Liars are usually(most cases) people who are afraid of losing something...hence the lie
Acceptance may again make u lose...But atleast they are who they are....But never really knows them do they? They are canniving,plotting,scheming,sometimes sadistic n not always doing things for some gain...sometimes its just for pleasure n timepass;In a way they r also who they r but others r none the wiser if u get what I mean.But in case of lying one almost always knows or comes to know...Liars can be forgiven but I am not sure of the same for hypocrites.
I mean take a simple form of hypocrisy: One says that one is a introvert or doesnt like making friends or blah blah and mentions in their profile(for job or personal) that they love making friends...What do you make out of that??? One is certainly trying to pose in front of a certain set of people...y? Could be for 101 reasons.....None for the benefit of others surely....I dont know what it is that makes me despise hypocrisy to the extent of Bush despising Laden or vice versa.I mean why not stand up for what you believe in n display it are who you are...I guess thats what makes me admire when a man admits he has problems with his wife working or earning more than him.....His thots may be booed or they may rightly belong to the pre-historic world....But he is scores of times better than a hypocrite who likes to boast around he is a mordern metrosexual man who believes in the equality of both sexes and projects himself the perfect husband when in reality he is completely the opposite but just doesnt want to admit it for the sake of keeping up an upbeat image.Atleast Guy 1 had the guts to admit what he really facade there....Make no mistake;A hypocrite can also be found out like liars....may take some time but is not invinsible.....Hypocrites largely think that the world revolves around them and that eevryone else is blind deaf and dumb...apart from this they have so many other character flaws that one is surprised at the end that all the clues dint hit home earlier....I talk from personal experience.....

Tip for the hypocrites : "Duniya mein sabse bada bewakoof woh hota hai jo
yeh sochta hai ki uske alava saare bewakoof hote hai"

~ ME

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Anonymous said...

hey koel,

ur thoughts on hypocracy r good and may be also true. But we r all hypocrites at one time or the other in our lives.
Cross ur heart and tell - have u not smiled at someone and mumbled to ur self calling him a bastard. Have you not visited someone only for a purpose and not because u care for her. But when u visit them u will obviously not pose the true purpose of the visit. Is it not hypocracy!!!
Have u not just picked up the bad qualities of an individual just to brand the person as bad and forgotten his good qualities.
I had a cousin who stayed at his aunt's house and always complained their attitude and treatement & never thanked them even once for their gesture for whatever it was worth. well this is bad. Being open and frank at such times is bad, in fact worse than being a hypocrite.these things happen. if ur feelings r good and don't wish bad for others then everything is fair. Better a sweet lie than an unpleasant truth.!!! i'm sure u'll take it in good spirit.