Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Welcome Halbhavi

Finally Guess What The Cat Drug In......Or Rather Who

ShubhaKartini U Halbhavi has made it into the blog finally.....Graced us all with her delicate presence....Hoping she makes that presence felt......Well Haladabhaavi, Ash was asking about you and was wondering if I had invited you at all on this blog.....So do write in to us about where n what you have been upto all these months and also specify that you were the first person I invited on the blog....It just took you so many months to check your mail thats all :-p
Else Ash may think that I have oppressed the needy or something and make me out as a tyrant again and feel the need to punish me with her JADE powers........LOL

For the Ignorant,Haladabhavi is my Best Friend/Classmate/Benchmate/Partner In Crime/etc etc;Who is currently pursuing M.C.A somewhere in the Dharwad/Hubli area....and lives with her parents in Dharwad...Such a loss to Bangalore and one better believe it!!!!! Anymore praise and people will think I am in love with her or something crazy like that(By that I mean u US)

If anyone has any wild stories about their New Year Party Please feel free to ink here....
Hint! Hint! Vikram and Pavan...(Hoping they do get the HINT;If not DD{read as Vikram} and PP{Read as Pavan} lemme explain...we all want to hear about the GOA trip with all the sordid details.....!!!! :-)))

Misss K !

P.S Abbreviations Expanded Below for the EXTREMELY Ignorant

Haladabhavi - means dry/dead well as opposed to her real name halbhavi meaning milk well
M.C.A - Master of Computer Applications
DD - Dumb Dodo
PP - Plain Palak
US - Uncle Sid
JADE powers - The legendary powers of AshMan; For those who still dint understand;Give a faintly puzzled look and move one in life !!!!!

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