Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Current Trendz:Fantasy?

Have anyone had a close look at the recent direction things r moving into?
I mean take a look at the movies,clothes,books,research n bla bla.....
Its either Life on Mars,Extra-Terrestrial life forms,Robotic lives,Mutated creatures,
Re-introduction of Parasites with greater endurance levels and Blimey!
even Increased Brain Capacity,Wizards,Witches,Sphinxs,Dragons,Elves,Dwarves,
Hags,Werewolves,WereCats(yes,Read Eragon?),Rings which rule the mind,
Red Eyes(Alternate forms of Dark Lords who dont die even with a death curse(LOTR?)),Spells,Scrying(Oh thts one power I wish to master:To scry),Wardrobes that open into another world(CON),Lamp fiction(COLT),Magic trees whos tree top is a landing for different worlds(MoonFace anyone?),Enchanted Woods,Mystique houses,Wishing Chairs,Array of Assorted Creatures that Talk: trees,beavers,foxes,Lions,Tigers,Bears....,Invention of a mix breed:Threstrals,Hippogriff...Mythical Creatures:Unicorns,Centaurs.....
I am quite postive y'all got the general picture..................

I have a faint suspicion that people in general are bored with the normal life of normal people on normal earth....Are we so dissatisfied with our lives? R these things projections of inner urges of the self which probably craves for a different world? different life? More excitement.....Or Could it be the great deep rooted desire to see Good over Evil prevailance...I mean its easier to conquer evil in a book and its all over at the END;something tht people r hoping for since time immemorial but that which hasnt happened on earth...The end to all war,death n fear or watever......

~ Just a muse of a blogger with too much imagination or maybe wishful thinking.....

Abbreviations Expanded:-
Please tell me u got some of 'em on ur own atleast????
Sigh! Here goes -
LOTR : Lord of the Rings
CON : Chronicles of Narnia
COLT : Children of Lamp Triology
Eragon : Book Name

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