Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dil Pe Mat Le YAAR!!!!!!

Well well well.....What have we here????? An Eco-Friendly Sid......Heavy
Thanks for your best wishes Sid...May the toilet paper never run out on you too....I suppose you will enforce a kind of rule in your household like only one roll of toilet paper per Month or something like that....Impressive...Let us know how that rule works out;Maybe we will all be encouraged to enforce similar stringent methods for the conservation of paper...thou I cannot promise much help with toilet paper coz we like all Indians use WATER!!!!! I will instead stress on the importance of paper conversion to all the kids...They can be the Saviours of Paper....They will advocate shutdown of schools unless authorities find an alterantive to paper(Maybe provide laptops for all) or start eco-friendly recycling units(Which donot pollute the air) or such kind

Innovation...Thats what the country needs...I salute you my Dear Friend "US" for Suggesting your Bit....But India needs more than suggestion...I hope you follow this up with Action.
God Bless U!

Well guys n gals WHY this silence???? Ash you have been awfully quiet since the New Year.
Write something gal...Dont bottle up those complicated feelings n thoughts...Let them Flow here.....Sid is saying that this attempt(Previous post) of his is a last effort...last flicker of a dimming candle coz none of you have been posting these days....Prove him wrong people.

As for me.....
Every Morning I go through the FORBES List of 40 richest Indians;
If my name is not in there,I go to WORK!!!!!

P.S : Hey "US" why is it your last post when I just asked you not to post that one particular post????

~ ME

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