Saturday, August 27, 2011

Questions without 'a' Right Answer

Tis rightly said that everything in life is subject to perspective. What's Congestion in a bus is of-course Atmosphere in a disco. So we can safely assume that where romance is concerned as well, how anybody views it or things pertaining to it is also subject to perception. 

It takes not much to get attracted but it takes a lot more to keep it up. Right? It takes a minute to get interested but a lifetime of work to be interested.... that's why every relationship is a WIP, an ongoing effort. A lot of people use this perception as a cause or a reason to play around leaving a string of broken hearts. That's just careless and a disregard for another human being. Stringing somebody along is the worst. 

For me the interest, the attraction happens in an instant. Its either there or not there (This is not just with respect to romance, it applies to all things/beings in my life). After that I apply the 3 month rule. Anything/Anybody that can keep up my interest for a minimum of that period always ends up with me and my commitment for the long haul. But this in anyway does not mean I have hurt anybody because of this nature. There is no excuse for causing anybody hurt. I never get too involved or let people get involved in my life till the 3 months have passed. That way there is no bond that has to be broken. So to all my acquaintances I am a reserved introvert and to my friends I am a non stop chatter machine.

Coming back to romance, I've always wondered:  What is romance? What constitutes a romantic action? Is it romantic to be showered with gifts? or when he says "You jump I jump"? Is it when somebody understands you without you ever needing to express anything? is it when somebody fulfills all their promises to you and more? or is it that security somebody gives you while they take care of your needs, stand by you, face life with you quietly without the fuss and drama of extravagance and pageantry? All of the above or a mix of the above or none of the above? I am sure the answer would change according to your wants, situation and priorities. For me, who is a die hard romantic with my head in the clouds, I want the whole nine yards, the whole Yash Chopra deal. I want lightening to strike, violins to play in the background, my name tattooed on him and all the passion and the wooing that comes with it. I just don't know where the reality ends and fantasy begins. I don't even know if such things really exist or am I waiting for nothing. The real question is how long of a waiting is acceptable till we are labelled delusional? At what point do we start to compromise and how much?? Does my Edward exist at all??? Is he out there?? Is love out there?? What would actually be worse - If I decide to go with what I have and Edward turns up when it's too late or I wait forever ending up alone???

There isn't really a right answer for these, is there? It's just what works for one and what doesn't. There would be some telling you how they waited for 'The One' and how they eventually got it, Others telling you how they waited forever and are alone and the Rest telling how they settled for someone they thought was enough and are happy enough or not!

WIP == Work In Progress



A said...

It's good that some Qs don't have just A right answer, they are for you to make them! Just noticed this is just your second post for the year, Write More!

Chris D said...

Its true, you should write more. And as to your post,one cannot possibly hope to answer it. The answer will differ from person to person and at the end it all comes down to making the decision that you can live with.