Monday, January 24, 2011


Just another observation!
I watch national geographic and animal planet on a daily (if not an hourly ) basis :P ......We have acknowledged that humans are the most advanced of all species on planet earth at the moment and that we have the control. But do we ever stop and think about how much leeway our species gets from the time of our birth?
Just try comparing with any animal....the cubs, the pups, the fawns, the sea turtles etc etc....the moment they are born they have to get up and walk the walk and learn to survive..all in day 1.
But look at us.....after birth we are given all the time to crawl, drool, mumble nonsense.....time to adjust in schools, colleges, work......we get time, we take make ourselves comfortable with everything.... In spite of all this we buckle under pressure...make huge irrevocable muddles.....destroy many things in our incapacity to handle life........all bringing me to the one question?
Is it a mistake that we are given all this leeway? Is our leeway costing Us, the other species that inhabit this planet and lastly, the planet earth itself? Is the price worth it? Are we worth it? Cause even though we tried to do our best, it doesn't look like we did much good in the long run........The planet seems to be crumbling one way or the other...if not to us then to mother nature herself........Is this the planet's way of telling us "Enough....I cannot handle your leeway more advantages for you...."?
One can only ponder................................!!!!

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A True Believer said...

Human beings may be the most destructive species upon planet Earth, but we are also the most creative. Intelligence is both a gift and a curse dependent upon what one largely does with it. The same intelligence that can build nuclear weapons can just as readily bring life to a desert or even terraform a new world!

The problem isn't one of physical intelligence; but rather, one of spiritual understanding. Of course, we can do it - but, should we? That's where Yahweh comes in....