Monday, May 31, 2010

Piece of Peace

Well I have been pretty inactive on the writing scenario from the past few months and for that I apologise to myself and maybe to you too, if you have waited for me to write something :) The inactive period was actually spent soul searching and searching for pieces of peace if I may say.
      Life is best described as an amalgamation of multiple problems, sideblocks, roadblocks, health scare, rocky relationships, karma, scary people and pure bad luck. Tis unavoidable to avoid them. The only certainity in this uncertain life is that you will run into these problems. The rest of the life is determined by your attitude and adeptness at handling these that are thrown at you when you least expect them. Having said this, I must also confess that there is some joy while handling some of these challenges ( < 1% of them) and there is joy when you win some of these challenges ( < 30% of them). For the rest, there is only the relief felt at fielding them and preparation for the next onslaught. Sounds familiar? It must if you are still living.
     Why am I re-iterating all this? Because the last few months have been a jungle with a battle after a battle and trust me when I say this, I have not even had time to feel relief for the battles I have managed to win/escape unscathed from as I am still swamped with many others. So now my question is this - At what point enough is enough? At what point is it OK to give up? At what point had the threshold been breached?
At what point are we allowed to catch a break? At what point..........????
       This is just not my story; its the story of the world at large right now. From the news to a friend's phone call, its been one heck of a long time since I heard anything good happening to anybody.

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