Friday, January 26, 2007

Hey All

Its been ages.Things have happened.I was not thinking of postingbut K's last blog made me want to write.Go up top girl...I agree with you almost all the way...EXCEPT the part where nce guys finish last coz there arent any.Guess what?!! I beg to differ.The world is full of nice guys,they are just difficult to find coz most of them are just cautious,scared to show themselves...this is what I heard,and believed in for a long time.Coz you see,I thought I was one of them.But guess what?I was WRONG.Way wrong.

Here is Ashwini,saying that she disagrees with K about there not being nice guys...then she turns around and contradicts herself.Wondering what the hell I am talking about? goes...This is what I have found out over the last few years.

There are nice guys out there...the ones who want to succeed and want to see others succeed.But the world calls them by other names,selfish,egoist,self centered,doesnt care about the world,the list gors on an on and on....WHY?You wonder...because not many people can accept that there are people out there who are happy.If they accept that there are people out there who are happy,then they have to accept that they can be happy too.And GUESS WHAT?They dont want to be happy.Now,whats the best way to make sure that you stay unhappy?Prove that the rest of the world is unhappy too.Its easier on the ego that way...

You ask,why in the world would people not want to be happy.LOADS of reasons...this shocked me too!!...firstly,if they are unhappy,they have an excuse not to succeed,not to work hard,not to achieve.How many times have we told ourselves I cant do this BECAUSE...think back,you will realise that you do that everyday.Fortunately for me,I had a pretty nasty wake up call recently...where I realised all this.

To give you naother argument,imagine a government office,there is a guy there,lets call him A,who works the hours he is supposed to,gets all his work done,doesnt take bribes...the HONEST employee.Now,as you can imagine,he is outnumbered.Do you think he is rewarded...NOOOO...he is punished.Because you see,if there is ONE good employee,thats a threat to all the other employees,they will have to give up their lazy habits and easy way of life.Another reason why good guys give up and take the beaten path.

Now I wonder,can you call these guys chicken?Or sensible?There are arguements for both,equally strong.Now,I will go a level deeper.Why do we...who consider ourselves above and away from all this...also make the same mistakes. (remember the statement, I cant do this because....??)You got it,the same reason!!Its simply easier.Now,automatically,your brain is generating many reasons why you dont belong to this category,your brain is immediately going on the defensive and maybe even turning you against me.But thats a good thing.It means what I am saying is uncomfortable for you.And that itself is proof that what I am saying is RIGHT.

In conclusion K,the world is full of guys who are deluding themselves into thinking they are good.But just that they are victims of circumstances,so they cant contribute.You see,they want to do so many htings,but they cant do it because...blah blah blah....So what am I saying here?I am saying that the world has forgotten to recognise the really good guys,the ones that are making a difference,because accepting that means that they will have to change and work hard themselves.People have just become are trained into laziness and fear...

Next time you hear things like,Man...some people have all the luck,She is so lucky to have him/her,If I had that job,If I came from a family that didnt have so many problems,Why should I be the one to suffer,Happiness always leads to unhappiness,My family never was there when I needed them,The government isnt doing anything,...getting the idea...hopefully you will remember this post of mine.

I am now leaving the floor open to discussion.I dont expect any mind you...this will probably step on many toes as it is...

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