Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Phew! 2 DOWN 2 to GO!!

Well finished CAT and IIFT entrance exams.Hectic two weeks with only a week between CAT and IIFT...... I will say tat they weren't exactly piece of cake......CAT as usual was unpredictable..Only a mere 90 questions as opposed to last yr's 123....No choice of questions with only that many...Disappointed??? Me??? Well yeah u could say that.....IIFT was 185 odd questions in 2 hrs....RC each was 2 pages....What were they playing at??? Beats me though...But in comparison to CAT that was awesome u could say...The cutoff expected by IIFT is 40+ with atleast 800 GD calls.....Gives hope I feel....K.J.Somaiya Announced its International Business cutoff as 15+....Lotsa hope therein;But I tell you the application process is a bit problematic for me....You gotto send a copy of your IIFT admit card which I never got..Went and wrote the exam taking my election id card.....Also its asking for attested copy of work experience cert from the employees...What do they mean??? They want my employers to attest it???? Crazy!!!
I have few days in between before my SNAP exams....Everyone from the faculty at TIME to my friends are suggesting that I write XAT too this year...Only I am not so sure coz I don't particularly fancy those essays....Lemme cool off a bit before I make any nerve wrecking decisions.....

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