Monday, March 19, 2012


It has been a krazzy 2012 so far. One of the things I realized is how astonishingly adaptable humans are and that life does come a full circle.

 I am back where I started from (that does not sound encouraging but it aint all bad folks) A new start at a not so new place. It was 13 years ago to the date that I moved from this place (blimey has it been soo long??) feeling  angry and completely wronged for being uprooted, moving far away from the life I  had created for myself and now finally when it was time to move back I once again felt a bit uprooted and unsteady. Coz you see, as grumpy as I was all those years ago, with all my dreams being that one day I would find myself back, slowly but surely I had built a new life for myself which I had cocooned myself in and which I had begun to enjoy even though I wouldn't admit it aloud :) But being older n wiser now, I am handling changes better (I hope) now.

One of the things about moving is how disconnected you feel from the world around you. Literally and Figuratively. Literally coz I wasn't set up for phone, internet, my friends were in a land far far away, bla bla bla and figuratively've figured it out haven't you ;)  It been so many years that, there is not a single face  I recognise over here, not a single store. Even the roads lead to different places; proving to us, demonstrating to  us the alarming rate at which growth and change occurs in the present world, leaving you utterly breathless, mystified and somewhat diminished. But you know me : I am the master of "Start Over" and start over I shall.

Anyways this post comes as a celebration to the fact that am completely settled in the old but still new place and also as a toast to my dear buddy Vicky who, oh so charmingly, likes to point out to me that life isn't as complicated as I imagine it to be, makes me smile and also reminds me that some connections in life can never be disconnected.

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