Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It must be LOVE!

The first rays of the morning sun
Caress and nudge me awake
I run my hands through the tousled sheets
And press them to my face
I smell the sexy fragrance
That remind me he was there
I feel the tingles all over again, I swear

I go thru the day in a daze
I am seeing life in a haze
I am in the constant state of excite
I feel like chasing that high kite

It must be love, what I am feeling
This feeling is damn appealing
It must be love and I am reeling
Let’s go on a long drive to Darjeeling

Running amok in the twilight shields
Butterflies, a million in the cornfields
I sit by the window dreaming
His crinkly gray bluish eyes
All laws of nature it defies
That certain way he looks at me
And chants my name “oh Rosalie”

It must be love, what I am feeling
Oh my heart it is that you’re stealing
It must be love and I am keeling
Gimme a kiss that’s all revealing

Dancing at the downtown pub
He gathered me close amidst the hub
I run my hand over his scraggly stubble
I tell you, am living in a big love bubble
Back in our bed, in his warm embrace
Am thrilled as he confessed “Love you Rosalie Grace”
Smiling, I drift away having finally found my place.

It must be love; I know I belong with you
I would die but could never bid adieu
It must be love, what a colorful hue
I love you and I know this to be true
It must be love…I know it is…….


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