Friday, November 14, 2008

A Single Day Late!

Was browsing the net and accidentally got lost....came across this poem in a Philippines website...

we were friends,

we had been for so long,
but i wanted something more,
and it didn't feel wrong

i felt that i needed you,
and now i know i do,
but fate is my enemy,
because i truly love you

i never could tell you,
i thought you were taken,
how could i have so,
foolishly mistaken

that all that time,
that i loved you,
you had felt the same way,
and loved me too

the secrets i carried,
you carried as well,
and i would have carried them,
to the depths of hell

for you.
for you.

now i love you,
and i burn against fate,
for i declared my love,
a single day late

you looked to the floor,
and i asked what was wrong,
and the truth spilled out,
but it didn't take long

to realize that you'd,
felt the very same way,
and loved me the same,
but for one single day

you'd finally accepted,
i would never love you,
and gave up on me,
because you never knew

that every time I touched
you I cried,
and when I said I liked to be friends
I lied,

I want you so badly,
I've just myself to hate,
for i was oblivious,
and a single day late

just a single day late.

so if you ever love someone,
and they just don't know,
tell them and tell them,
and just tell them so

because worse than rejection,
and never having met,
is the most horrible feeling,
of having regret

i can't go back,
i can't change a thing,
but you've still a chance,
so do it for me

get up and call them,
or go for a walk,
i ruined my chance,
when i could've talked

all that time,
we'd felt the same way,
but she left me alone,
just a single day late

so tell them right now,
please don't hesitate,
because just one day could be,
a single day late

~ Jeffrey David

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