Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Impish Delights!

It was a dull gloomy day in June
'Twas her smile, as bright as the Moon;
I saw her by the bulletin board,
It caught my eye, the vision and lights,
Showed me a hint of all the impish delights.

Girl friends and confidantes we soon became,
Stood by each other, hurdles we overcame,
Pranks and naughtiness galore;
We matched our wits, even had cat fights,
Evening and Nights; all the impish delights.

Fell in love, got our hearts broken,
Consoled each other, Said or Unspoken,
In a depressed moment, I cried out to my lost love,
She said “Twas for the best that it’s over, Needn’t be stuck on one forever”;
“Scores of Handsome boys and Celebrities to ogle all over”,
Laughed and cried, carried on with might
Those were our glory days of impish delights.

Today am seven seas afar,
Some worldly wise, fewer words spar;
Things seemed to have slowed down a notch or two,
Feels like I have split into two, one here, one with her;
I saw a face in the crowd, a known smile,
My imagination took fanciful flights,
Gosh it reminded me of those impish delights!


For Ting, About Ting!

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