Friday, March 03, 2006


Guess what gave me a shock few days back????? People actually read this blog....I mean people other than the 2 - 3 of us who actually write here.....I got a mail by a person who wanted to comment on a post but cudnt as I hve locked my blog from the he mailed me his comment.....
The following is a comment by Div Sharma on the Fantasy trendz post:

Hi Koel,
I saw ur blog...unfortunately couldn't's locked it out for any comments!!Ne'ways, abt people wishing to live in a parallel world, I feel that that's been a human fantasy for long. And there have been books 'n movies pandering to these human desires. Take one of the biggest sci-fi's for eg, the Matrix. One of my favourite movies, not because of the way it's picturized, but because of the philosophy behind it. When H.G.Wells wrote his 'timeless' classic (sorry for the pun) more than a century ago, it was the same urge to live in a different world. Even a genius like Einstein spent his intellect probing for worm holes. Looks like humans are known to extend their hands towards the unknown just to see if their fingers feel something. Hope - the quintessential human emotion!

Well Div and anyone else who do read the blog...ur free to comment....I am sure u wont be locked out this time around.......

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